Something More about Alia Bhatt and her Bollywood Journey

Are you in love with this 24- year old actress…”Alai Bhatt” the name turns many heads in amazement.

If you are one of the millions of people who have gone crazy for her!! Then this is the perfect fact file for you. These points are worth pondering


1. Whom does she finds most stylish in Bollywood?

To your surprise, she says it is Kangana Ranaut. She said,” I think she’s cool, edgy, and quirky, and she just really knows how to pull things off. I really like the idea of fitted pantsuits, and I love the way Kangana carries them off with so much flair.”

Who is jealous of her boy friends’?

Like any other father Mahesh Bhatt is too possessive about her daughter and feels jealous of her boyfriends. “He’s definitely a more chilled-out person than most fathers, but at the end of the day he is a father. But funnily enough, he’s more of a child about it than a protective papa bear. He doesn’t ever get angry, he gets cranky! It’s along the lines of, ‘Hey! Give me some attention over here!’ she giggled.

3. Which language makes her alive? She being a typical Punjabi kudi finds Punjabi to be the most amazing language and loves talking in Punjabi.

4. Is it hot or cold that is sipped best by her? Alia is a cold beverage lover, she prefers them over hot ones. She even loves to drink but smoking is a big no no for her….

Sexy Alia Bhat

5. What scares this bubbly cutie pie? While a chunk of people are fond of travelling and hardly fail to flaunt their airport looks on social media, our sweetheart Alia Bhatt is a bit nervous of travelling by air.

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