Jacqueline Breaking Her Silence against Fairness Creams

Breaking all the stereotypes, a bold statement came from the Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez. After the recent audacious comment from actor Abhay Deol’s this lady also stepped out to voice against the discriminatory ideas of fairness creams. They have actively discouraged the ideas which are promoting the usage of such creams and creating an undesirable picture based on discrimination, on the grounds of skin colour.

She has resolutely said, “I am against anything discriminatory.” According to the latest reports from DNA, many reasons have been listed by this glamorous actress to support her views logically.

Jacqueline Fernandez
She says that being a brand endorser, you are holding a responsibility to sell a genuine product. If you are not using it then why do you want people to use it? You should use the same product as an endorser. She added “Investing in the brand means you believe in it. However, falsely advertising to impressionable fans is wrong. One has to use their own product before selling it to the public.”

jacqueline fernandez feels that such advertisements are misleading, posing a threat to the minds of viewers. It pollutes the minds of kids. She nailed it with her words, “Ads such as these sends a wrong message to kids. It’s a bad reflection of society.”

Jacqueline Fernandez i n yoga dress

This lovely woman is so true in saying that she finds herself “Definitely someone who speaks up against discrimination.” Her words were full of courage as she says, “I would be very careful of products that influence society in such a way. I am against anything discriminatory.”

Her upcoming movie is a Sri Lankan English thriller.

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